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Thazakir Travel launched its operations on June 2014 with a vision to offer customized travel solutions for  independent and corporate travelers. With a complete range of world-class product and consultancy services that  support businesses and individuals alike.
Thazakir Travel reflects the perfect blend of global expertise and local knowledge. Right from travel planning to  ticketing services, hotel bookings, visit/ tourist visa service, global visa process and organizing activities at  destinations around the world and Kuwait, Thazakir Travel has succeeded in redefining the role of travel  management.


Awards & Accreditation

At Thazakir Travel, we pride ourselves on raising industry standards across our wide range of operations. Our  myriad of awards and accreditations are testament to the hard work and commitment invested across our business.


Thazakir Travel & Tourism Management to help its business partners in flourishing their businesses catering to all their travel related needs in a more professional manner.

We attempt to develop dynamic products and provide travel solutions at the most reasonable value, guaranteeing quality of our clients travel experience. The upward trend in our business graph itself exhibits our strong customer relationship. The ongoing endorsements of satisfied customers has boosted our growth and helped broadened our clientele base of both individual and corporate travelers. This acknowledges diversity of our services without compromising on industry standards.

It gives us great sense of satisfaction to acknowledge the steadily growth of our company that would have not been possible without the dedication of our staff, faith of our customer in us and co-operation from our vendors.

Siddique Kottuval

Founder & CEO

Thazakir Team

Thazakir Travel is operating with highly trained and qualified staff, and travel experts who carries with them  vast experience in the field. We are known for our personal approach, our dependability and flexibility, and the  effective local application of our global expertise.

Our mission is to design the best travel proposal for each client and exceed all expectations. We are organizing  all kinds of trips and experiences in multiple areas of activity. We have a permanent team and a large network  of multilingual collaborators, with great experience, international character and customer service.

Our Team efforts are always directed towards identifying our customers’ specific needs and to fulfill their  requirements with the most appropriate solution.


Thazakir Travel will be known for our unique qualities, customer care & services, edged by modern technological  travel solutions. We will redefine travel, the travel arrangement process and the role of travel consultant. Thazakir  Travel will formulate easy, convenient, reliable and fun travel arrangements.


To build the leading travel agency in the Middle East in terms of:

  • Reputation and Reliability
  • Customer service
  • Operational Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Profitability

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Awards & Accreditation
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